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Welcome to the video page!

Links to my clips are posted here. As I add new articles with video clips the clips will be included here as well as within the articles.

April 2012 I returned from Yantai. Here is my first training after returning.

Youtube clip



Kevin and John compete in Taiwan with Saber vs Spear

Youtube clip 


The page describing the Babu Lian Huan DVD 

Youtube Clip


Kevin Brazier and Robin perform drills from the short stick.

Youtube Clip

Read an article on the short stick



Kevin and Robin perform a drill from the Coiling Dragon Sword form.

Youtube clip


Greater Interconnected Kicks performed by my elder Chen Huangnan.

Youtube Clip



The Six Harmony Staff two person set.

Youtube Video

Article about the time I began learning this set and the fighting theory that it is based on.

The Method of Stick Fighting


Sample of two person double sabers using double short sticks. This was performed at Cheng Geng University in Tainan Taiwan.

Youtube Video




Video from the weekend includes cleaving and striking the heart as well as an introductory drill for impeding the horse (lan ma shi). Lan ma shi is shown in detail in the pictorial, 

A Weekend in Tennessee


Youtube Video


Tampa Kungfu.com

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April Brazier Calligraphy



Scene from the DVD



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