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Shaolin Eight Step Continuous Fist DVD

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Contents of the DVD

-The solo form This performance allows you to see how the form is done with proper speed and power generation.
-The partner form The complete form against a defending and counter attacking partner.
-Applications Two categories of applications. First is successful completion of application 2nd is how the applications are defended against. This allows you to see the moves from the view point of both the attacker and the defender.
-Eight partner drills Drills from the form for two people. This is a chance to sharpen key aspects of your training by drilling short sections of this two person set.

Two Person Drills of Praying Mantis

-Four partner kicking These drill shows how to combine and interconnect kicks. Includes starting the attack as well as defending from the kicks.
A. Three connected kicks.
B. low pull round kick
C. Uprooting kick with plucking hand
D. Uprooting kick with collapsing step takedown and rolling hand escape
-Four partner hand drills of three punches each. A visual explanation how to "flow" from method to method.
A. Outer hanging hand
B. Inner adding punch
C. lift-hug-add a punch
D. rolling punch
-Four two man kao strikes. The first stage of arm pounding and takedowns. 
-Three takedowns showing how to enter with the hands and finish with the takedown.
A. solo form with technique names in English and Chinese on each picture in freeze frame style
B. the same for the partner form.

C. The class training two person drills in round robin fashion.

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What are people saying about the DVD?

Here are some comments I have received from happy viewers.

For those of you that have not purchased a copy of Kevin Brazier's DVD I highly suggest you do so today. I just watched it for the first time and I must say is has excellent techniques and clear comprehension of what is being applied. Edited and very clear to follow, even has slow motion in many sequences that are demonstrated. Excellent job Kevin...... when is the next one?

Michael Haley

Dear Kevin:
I honestly cannot but give it five stars. This for the following reasons:
a) Both a form very representative of northern-style kung-fu worth learning it and very useful mantis partner drills are shown in here. They constitute rare material not easily available in the western world.
b) The material is fully instructed in a self-explanatory way by both repetition and slow motion -besides it includes traditional names and applications. Provided you have already some martial arts background you have an excellent learning tool here.
c) All of the elements of background, music and outfits reveal an aesthetic ambition that make this production really appealing and original. Among this aspects I like very much the mix of jazz, bossa nova, Mexican music, etc. It's a relief not having to hear "The General's Mandate" again. Not That I do not like it, it's just that you are hearing it everywhere that has to do with kung-fu these days!
I hope you have a great success with this disc. It's of the best that you can buy to learn kung-fu.
With my best wishes

The whole breakdowns of the mantis techniques (mantis keys such as ou-lou-tsai, etc.), kicks, and so on, with the extra of showing them in frozen images, allow a very detailed appreciation of the material you are transmitting. 

The way you introduce the techniques with your student, and repeat them, show not only the way they work, but also how to train them.

Really, I wish many people could learn from your DVD. I have quite a lot of books, DVDs and VCDs on kung-fu, but your is top quality.

Tampa Kungfu.com

7010 Sheldon Rd Tampa Fl 33615



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Scene from the DVD



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