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Kids Sparring

In response to so much bullying at school we parents want our kids to be prepared for such situations should they be confronted by bullies. One way to prepare them is to teach them sparring. What's so good about kids sparring? They develop the confidence to defend themselves, for one. When kids are hit sometimes they close their eyes, cover up and look away. The bully knows who to pick on. How can our kids avoid that? There are three stages of defense we want our kids to know:


1. I know how to defend myself.

2. I don't appear afraid.

3. When I have no choice I fight.



This month's article written by Tampa Kungfu co-owner April Brazier


Go to Youtube to see Kids Sparring at Tampa Kungfu Video.


The first stage is where a kung fu teacher plays the big role. The students learn self defense techniques and how to use them in sparring. The kids learn what they are capable of.


The 2nd stage is what kids add to the training. It is their own confidence. They feel they can defend themselves. On the emotional level the feeling is; "I know I can beat you." They keep better control of their emotions because in their mind they have already beaten the opponent.


The 3rd stage is when there is no choice but to fight. When kids get hit for the first time they are often startled and shocked, they might hide their head and close their eyes. Sparring teaches them that they can protect themselves. Once they are hit, they are not startled and they can fight back.


Showing respect before sparring with the martial salute.

Sparring is no joke. At Tampa Kung Fu, when kids spar they wear protective gear; a mouth piece, head guard, and groin protector. This reminds them that these are the fragile parts of the body to protect. They don't wear gloves and must learn to keep their hands closed tightly.


When kids first start sparring, they are trained to remember defensive postures as their senior or more skilled Kung Fu brothers and sisters are attacking them. As they develop confidence and skill, they use more techniques and start to move more naturally.



After sparring kids always shake hands. In the kungfu school this brings the kids closer together. It also teaches them that the fight doesn't have to end ugly. They can walk away from a fight in a peaceful way.

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