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Part two of...

Kuangyin Creates Calamity at Golden Bridge

Chai Rong (柴榮) became emperor Shizong of the Later Zhou Dynasty and ruled from 954 to 959. Zhao Kuangyin became first emperor of the Song Dynasty in 960.

Last month we left Chairong fearing for his life waiting for Kuangyin at the market place. Kuangyin was standing at the toll bridge worried that the tyrant Dongda and his small army would capture Chairong. If you have not read it you can link to it here at part one.


Part Two

    "Chairong is waiting up ahead for me, if he is captured that would be bad," and Kuangyin left the bridge as if flying. He came to the market place and discovered the people packed in tightly as smoke. Looking in all directions he didn’t see a trace of Chairong’s umbrella cart only a wine shop to the east. He went up to the 2nd floor to have some wine and look for Chairong. He stuck his head out all the windows but still didn’t see a trace of Chairong. With a dim-witted expression he could do nothing but sit down to drink.

The Gang Escapes

    After that gang from the toll bridge escaped Kuangyin's beating they tried to report the news to Dongda. On this particular day Dongda hadn’t yet returned home from drinking with relatives so Dongda’s men had no choice but to turn back to the toll bridge. Halfway back they saw Dongda slowly coming towards them in a drunken stupor idly raising and swinging his horse whip.

Horse whip from the Qing Dynasty

    As they ran to greet him and help him along they complained, “That umbrella peddler Chairong urged a great red-face to disobey the rules of our bridge and beat his way across. We barely managed to escape with our lives to report this crime to you Master. We beg you to right the wrongs committed by Chairong and capture this criminal. Only in this way can we vent our anger and not lose face to all those who cross the toll bridge.”
    Dongda replied with a great anger, ”Can there be such a thing as this? How can I forgive Chairong? On whose authority does he dare tangle with me like an equal and break my rules?”

Chairong Takes a Beating

    He whipped up his horse and gave chase with his gang in quick pursuit. Look at them go, like a herd of fake tigers trying to exaggerate their strength. When Dongda crossed ‘Golden toll Bridge’ he turned onto the west road where there were crowds of people going to market. When the market-goers saw Dongda and his gang of men coming towards them like a fierce swarm of angry hornets, who among them would dare to block the path? The market-goers scattered to the sides of the road and let them pass.
    Once the road cleared Dongda saw Chairong pushing his umbrella cart away. Rushing up from behind, Dongda shouted out, "Convict Cai, you’ve hurt my teeth and claws evading death long enough, where do you think you are going now!" He raised his whip to strike Chairong on the head.
    Flustered and groaning inside Chairong pushed his umbrella cart as if escaping death with Dongda slapping his horse and giving chase. But men are slow and horses quick and in no time at all Dongda had rushed ahead and blocked Chairong’s path in front of the wine shop. Dongda raised his horse whip and let his strikes come down like rain, not caring where he hit, Chairong could do nothing but suffer the beating.
    At that time Kuangyin was alone in the upper floor of the restaurant drinking wine when he heard the beating sound of the whip in the street. He stuck his head out the window to take a look and what he saw roused his unsleeping rage.
    Too impatient to take the stairs he just leaped down from the second floor loudly rebuking Dongda, ”You tyrannical thieving convict, how dare you behave so rudely!” He ran up to Dongda and with just one pull yanked him off his saddle. Dongda felt Kuangyin’s force and knew him to be a formidable adversary. Dongda jumped up from the ground with his ‘carp leaps from the water’ and opened wide his two eyes to attack with ‘hungry tiger beats its food.’ But Kuangyin dodged to the side as Dongda leaped and lifted his foot and threw Dongda to the ground.

Techniques from the Story

Carp leaps from the water is where you pop yourself off from your back to a standing position.

'Hungry tiger beats its food' is the takedown shown here, from the Hao family Praying Mantis form Luohan Quan. This move refers to the story of a man-eating-tiger in India. The tiger was confronted by the monk Pindola. This monk fed vegetarian food to the tiger in order to tame him and prevent him from eating the locals. The people revered Pindola for his work and called him the Tiger Taming Luohan.

More at Fist of Luohan.

    Kuangyin raised his fists and started beating Dongda from top to bottom with Dongda narrowly escaping his strikes. He shouted out to his gang and within a moment they each collected an armful of bricks and stones. Dongda gave Kuangyin a malicious look and like a flying star or bolt of lightning came to attack. Kuangyin dodged with a great laugh, “That’s a good one, it is the destiny for a worthless thief to die today.”

Dongda Lures Kuangyin into a Trap

    He gave Dongda a few retreating steps and unloosened his belt and like a gust of wind it changed into his supernatural strip of strike-you-dead-club. As if parting a gate he began his attack and within a moment knocked several of the gang to the ground. Their blocks and defenses couldn’t stop Kuangyin’s staff and they all ran, grabbing Dongda and throwing him atop his horse. They all escaped towards the south and Kuangyin raised his club to give chase.
    Chairong shouted out, “Worthy Younger brother restrain your impetuousness and save yourself from his trap. We have already achieved victory, let’s hurry on with our journey.”
    Kuangyin shook his hand and said, “Elder brother, just for this once, would you please go to the bluffs and wait for me? Your little brother will run swiftly and catch up with you soon. I must first deal with this matter here and then we’ll meet up.”
    As Dongda was riding away on his horse he turned his head back and saw that Kuangyin was indeed chasing after him and his heart was filled with ten parts joy, “My only worry was that you wouldn’t chase and you are already behind me. This is what I call;

‘When coming there is a road, but on leaving there is no gate."

    "Wait until I lead him to my maze of nine twists and eighteen turns, then it will be my turn to get justice and settle the score.”

    This is why they say

Your scheming thoughts are useless,
You can deceive man not heaven.

Don’t avoid the path just because it is filled with obstacles and danger,
Because it may not be so, and then you'd miss a great deal.


The Black Tiger Star is Discovered

    For now we will leave the story of Dongda’s secret scheme of luring Kuangyin into a trap and introduce another good hero. In the heavenly realm there is the Wealthy Black Tiger Star. He was born into this mortal world as Zhenen from Shanxi Province and already Eighteen years old. He was born with great strength and without peer but extremely ugly. The strangest thing about him was his pair of wine bottle eyes, with the left small and the right large it made him look like an evil goblin. His parents died when he was young and ever since he has been destitute wandering about the underworld of rivers and lakes, shouldering a pole of sesame oil trying to scratch out a meager existence.
    It is said that Zhenen was in such a hurry on leaving a certain Zhang Family villa that he forgot to bring his oil-selling-pole from the wine shop. He made the return trip just to find it, but after searching for half a day there was still no trace of his pole and oil.
    Who knew that he would become so rash and impetuous when those at the wine shop couldn’t find the pole. He demanded the owner of the wine shop to compensate him, but the owner had truly not seen this pole. Though he was frightened of Zhenen’s appearance how could he be willing to compensate? Right then and there Zhenen started to make a terrible racket overturning the tables, counters and chairs and smashing the wine cups, bowls, bottles and jars.

A Fortune Teller Arrives

    As all this racket was going on in the wine shop in walked a so called face-reading-fortune-teller. Just because this man came in at this moment it would turn out that corrupt officials would be cut off from their road to official appointments. Though Zhenen was excused from punishment for his present transgressions, the Pan Mountain Whistling thief couldn’t escape from forfeiting his life.

    It is just like:

If you don’t clean the dust of the world,
How can you become famous throughout the land?

We don’t know who this man was until we read the next chapter

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