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Invitation to Brazil

On November 8th I landed in San Paulo Brazil to head an intensive two week instructive course called the 6th Annual Penglai Brazil Intensive Training Camp and Workshop. My invitation came from my younger kung fu brothers and sisters Andre, Elen, Basilio, and Marcio, the group of students I call 'Brazil's pillars of Penglai.' I taught large groups of students, small coaches classes and private classes. The following pictures tell a short story of my time in Brazil.

From left to right; Marcio, Andre, me, and Basilio


Basilio, me and Elen

Morning Workout

Most mornings we trained with a small group of people. I focused on San Cai Straight Sword and the two person Six Harmony Staff form (Six Harmony staff between my student and I in Taiwan).

Driving through the city of 11 million people to the park for training.


Sometimes we trained in the school in the mornings


Elen dodges and slices.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple is rich in bromelain, a group of enzymes notable for their digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. Bromelain has become popular in sports medicine because it helps prevent swelling in inflamed joints and promotes healing and pain reduction in sore muscles. I often use it as a post work out drink. Andre and Elen treated me to a new recipe many people in Brazil like to drink. Fresh pineapple with fresh mint. Put it in the blender and you have a a cool refreshing pineapple drink that takes away muscle soreness!

Jander's School

The day before I arrived in Brazil Coach Jander became the 8th person to open a Penglai school in Brazil. Here, Marcio and Andre stand outside as I take a picture of the school. The stairway to the 2nd floor school is blocked by Marcio. The graffiti covers the doors to a church on the first floor. The school sits on a hill and is blessed with the setting sun shining through the windows on the left face of the building.


Coach Jander's logo up close.


Walking though the the school I picked up a sword and got my picture taken.


The group photo for Coach Jander's wall. Elen, Jander, Me, Andre, Marcio.


The technique from Little Four Hands.

Seeing the Sights

Sometimes we need a rest. I traveled through the art in the park and bought some gifts for home.


Grafitti is common in Brazil and many are works of art.


After training in the park one morning I got my picture taken with some of the largest rodents in the world, the capybara. They walk around the park freely and are as large as a medium sized dog.

Eight Step Continuous Fist Seminar

During the weekdays I did late night seminars from 9pm until after 11. The goal was to teach the two person form Eight Step Continuous Fist.

Before we start the two person form we all warmed up with the solo moves.


Andre helped me to demonstrate the the techniques and how to counter them.


I am explaining how to catch a kick before Andre attempts a takedown.


High and low, that is how kung fu works.


Coach Gustavo and Lucas have a close call.


Carolina jumps with a flying knee on Coach Moraes.


Coach Luis is controlled by Vinicius with Deng Pu.


The whole group training the two man form.


It is almost midnight and time for dinner!

Coaches Workout

I had to cross hands with all the coaches and we had no chance to get a picture until the end when we did a group picture.

Zhong Ji Quan Seminar Day One

Over the weekend we gathered together a group of Penglai students and coaches to learn the form Zhong Ji Quan.

We trained under this bridge!

Coach Luciano, who also teaches Samba percussion at the samba school was able to get this spot for us on Saturday. Pictured here with me at the samba school.


The group huddles to hear the story of Zhong Ji Quan


I had to shout loud to be heard in the cavernous samba school.


They are about to learn how to ask for water in Chinese.


Trying to gather the crowd for a picture.

Zhong Ji Quan Seminar Day Two

Only students of several years training were allowed to join the Zhong Ji Quan seminar. On the 2nd day, Sunday, I trained another group.

We trained Zhong Ji Quan at Andre's Penglai school.


The Zhong Ji Quan group two.

Zhong Ji Quan Competition

After training Zhong Ji Quan so hard all week we had a performance  competition of the form. Three coaches judged and I acted as tie breaker if one should occur.

Willian does a mid-air face hanging kick.


After the competition all the students got a commemorative picture with me doing a posture from the two person version of the form.


Gabriel, winner of the young division wins a shirt specially made for this competition.


The competitors gather for a group photo doing a pose from the form.

The Future

Coach Raquel is the Gold Medal winner of the Brazil empty hand Kung Fu championship as well as winning the Gold in Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling). I took pictures of her performing several forms of the Penglai curriculum. Later these will be turned into manuals for students to study from such as those which can be found on our curriculum page.

Rachel poses for future manuals of our forms.


Piercing palm from Zhong Ji Quan.

Each year I travel to Brazil the students have improved and more students dream of becoming coaches and opening their own Penglai school. Before I have returned home I am already excited about what new talent 2011 will bring

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