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The Mandarin Duck Kick

The praying mantis has a pair of feet they are the kicks of our Mantis Fist ancestor Master Lin Chong. This is what we learn from number fourteen of the Surnames of the Founders of Eighteen Styles which says,

"Lin Chong's Mandarin duck kicks are strong."

How strong are they? They are strong enough to be the kicking method of the Mantis Fist Style!

Paired For Life

Why would mandarin ducks be used to represent the kicking style of Mantis Fist?

Like the kicks of our style, mandarin ducks, once mated remain paired for life. Like the life bonded birds, the mandarin duck kicks of Mantis Fist are also used in pairs. These kicks are seen under different names such as:

  • double dividing mandarin duck kicks
  • door closing kick
  • departing with mandarin ducks kicks
  • welcome the wind kick
  • and more

The primary target of the mandarin duck kick is the groin, when the strike is elsewhere a name such as rib stabbing kick is used.

Enter the Gate with the Feet

Kicks are often thought to be a long range technique but the kicks of mantis can also be used for short range strikes. How does Mantis Fist use mandarin duck kicks to enter and defeat the opponent? First let's look at the solo form.

The Solo Performance

We can find an excellent example of attacking combinations within the Third Essential Form of Plum Flower Mantis Fist. The series in the form is originally written: 

Dig out the cave. Collapsing fist mandarin duck kick. Seeking fist and stop the body.

Dig out the cave

Collapsing fist


mandarin duck kick

Notice the hooking hands.


Seeking fist

stop the body

Kick as if you are escaping then suddenly shoot the body forward and let your weight sink into your right forearm. The seeking fist makes a loud sound as you throw out the strike.

Applying the Mandarin Duck Kick

Last month's article explained how to enter with dig out the cave. This month we follow dig out the cave with a combination from the 3rd Essential's form of Mantis Fist. The first move in the progression is dig out the cave.

In this picture I have already attacked with dig out the cave.


Jeff blocks. My left hand seals Jeff's right elbow. My sealing block follows the downward energy of Jeff's block.


Now that Jeff's front hand is sealed to his body I apply the collapsing fist to Jeff's neck. Jeff defends with his left hand.


His block helps propel my hand and I use the pulling hand (lou shou) to help him close his own upper gate. 


It is a trick so that I can sneak in underneath and enter with the mandarin duck kick.

I use my hand to pull up on his elbow as I throw my kick down below.


Jeff blocks the kick. My mandarin duck kick has diverted his attention to his lower gate. I take the chance to strike his neck with the seeking fist.

This method of fighting combines strikes to high and low with pushing and pulling to find a way past the opponent's gates to strike.

No wonder these methods are grouped under the essentials of Mantis Fist!

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Mandarin Ducks painting by Lin Yu Shan, National Treasure of Taiwan and Grand Uncle of my wife.

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