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Deng pu from Seven Star Mantis form Cha Chui-Stick in the Fist. Huang Hanxun's book.

Deng Pu The Smashing Step

Deng pu is one of the most important takedowns of Mantis Boxing. This technique is used to smash the opponent to the ground with the hands while using the foot to dislocate them. It can also be used solely as a strike.

Within the oldest manuscripts of Mantis Boxing are numerous mentions of deng pu.

Deng Pu in Kao Da Training

The first introduction to deng pu comes early in the students training in the kao da stage of development. These are the short strikes of Mantis that often involve strikes of the elbows or takedowns. The object of the kao da training is to develop power of the technique and learn how to resist the technique when it is applied on you.

This is done by one student applying the short strike technique while the other does nothing or little to defend it. Below is the kao da method for deng pu.

Kao da training begins with the lower arm pound and the upper arm pound.

From here Jim, on the left, grabs Justin's wrist with his front hand and his triceps with his left hand. This type of grab is called double seal. Once he has secured Justin's arm and upset his balance his rear foot steps in and prepares to apply deng pu.

Jim has applied deng pu. His rear hand pulls to his waist while his front hand pushes out. Justin stabilizes himself with his forearm on his thigh.

In the old manuscripts of Mantis Boxing it is said, Both hands grab and apply deng pu. In this example that is exactly what they are doing.




Deng Pu in Seven Hands form of Eight Step Mantis

Deng pu, as applied in the form Seven Hands explained in the article The 7 Hands of Eight Step Mantis, follows the old quote exactly, "Use the following step and stealing hand to apply deng pu."

Stealing hand, or tou zhan is a clever way of securing the opponent's hand for controlling them in order to strike or do a takedown. In 7 Hands first apply the right back hand. The opponent defends and my left hand steals his right hand. This leaves my right hand free for a strike.

The Single Seal

In the above deng pu method Jim entered with double seal of Justin's right arm. In this case we seal with one hand and strike with the other. Jim seals with the left hand and strikes with the right.

Justin strikes and Jim seals with the left hand.

Jim applies yang zhang to Justin's face. Notice that he keeps control of Justin's left hand.

These following techniques take just a moment of time.




Justin defends against Jim's back hand strike.

If Jim can maintain good contact he will be able to apply tou zhan-stealing open.

To do this Jim will need to use his left hand to grab Justin's left hand.




Jim has grabbed Justin's hand and sealed off his left gate.

Watch the footwork!  Justin's left gate is sealed shut; that is where Jim will go to apply his attack.




Jim maintains control of Justin's arm as he steps in. This step is called the stealing step-tou bu. As Jim is rushing in his right foot comes up to develop momentum for the application of deng pu.

Jim has entered with deng pu. Here he controls Justin's shoulder, though he could have hit him in the head just as easily.

In the next stages of training the applier learns to throw the opponent and the student being thrown or tripped learns how to roll or fall out safely.

This means that the students can not progress past this stage without many hours of practicing falls and rolls.

At the next stage the student being thrown learns the different types of escapes and counter attacks. This is the type of information within the forms of kung fu. Forms such as Stick in the Fist (pictured at top) and Seven Hands explain follow up techniques to deng pu as well as overcoming counter attacks[

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