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First time ever seen on DVD. The old school training methods of Mantis Boxing.


Learn how body conditioning is combined with grabs, strikes, kicks and takedowns the way it was taught long ago.


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Han Tong's White Ape Boxing
Han Tong uses the White Ape style to Challenge the future emperor of China to a fight.

Heaven-Ascended Daoist watches the drama and writes it in his kung fu manual.


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White Ape Swings Through the Branches
The Ape of Mantis and Ming era culture. Through the Branches in Four Sections (Si Duan Chuan Zhi 四段穿枝) are regarded as the fist that "guards the home" and is the specialty of Qing era Master Hao Lianru.


Kids Sparring

When kids are hit they might close their eyes, cover up and look away. The bully knows who to pick on. How can our kids avoid that? There are three stages of defense we want our kids to know.


This month's article written by Tampa Kungfu co-owner April Brazier, shown here playing drums for the school.


The Making of an Immortal

Stories of immortals have been passed down through a tradition of oral story telling, popular plays of the Yuan and novels of the Ming and Qing dynasty.


In Praying Mantis' Luohan Gong, the exercise 'immortal raises hands' is subtitled 'water and fire turn the wheel,' four characters that outline the process of the immortals self-cultivation.




Swing the Horse Whip

Nearly 100 years ago two great Masters  collaborated together to create a new collection of techniques.


Because the hands moved like falling plum flowers they called it Plum Flower Road. This article is about swing the horse whip.


Hao Lianru and the Hungry Tiger

Tracing Praying Mantis from Heaven Ascended Taoist's Luohan Quan to Hao Lianru's Mantis Boxing and his technique Hungry Tiger Beats its Food.


Part Two of Kuangyin Creates a Calamity

The conclusion of Chapter Seven from the Qing Dynasty martial novel Complete Classic of the Flying Dragon. A young Zhao Kuangyin, future founder of the Song Dynasty, must battle one hundred ruffians to save his friend Chairong.



Kuangyin Creates Calamity at Golden Bridge

A chapter of a Qing Dynasty martial novel called Complete Classic of the Flying Dragon that showcases the exploits of Zhao Kuangyin before he went on to found the Song Dynasty over 1000 years ago.

This Chapter tells how he saves "Quiet-Cai" a meek tempered man. In real life "Quiet-Cai" became Emperor of China several years before Zhao Kuangyin.


Green waters flow throw the creek,
Verdant mountains obscured by darkness,
Ravens and rabbits hasten east and west.

Jackals and wolves have seized the streets and blocked the thoroughfares,
Howling tigers answer crying apes.


Wah Lum and the Heaven Ascended Taoist

A mysterious character from the earliest history of Praying Mantis Kung Fu left behind a manual which describes a technique that I believe is still practiced by the Wah Lum praying mantis school


Hold Up the Sky and Move Your Qi

The Praying Mantis method of moving the qi through the body.

The theory behind the dan tian and developing the sensation of qi.


Rhinoceros gazes at the moon
A Rhinoceros general was dispatched from heaven to carry out the Jade Emperor's command on earth. The temptations of earth proved to much for the rhino and he was banished from heaven.

The story of the fallen rhino general was taken as a tool to help students understand the theory of moving and controlling the qi.


The Immortal and the Black Whirlwind

When we saw a few dozen of them
flaunt their vicious stupidity,
With one or two rounds
We beat them all into a pulpy mess,
Since our
Reckless eyes have no fists
We beat them til
They scattered in all four directions, as if in convulsions,
-Zhu Youdun (1433)

Tracing the history of Mantis through three dynasties.


The Challenge of Master Cui

The story of Xu Fengqi, an unknown disciple of Cui Shoushan and master of Taiji Tang Lang Quan.

The story of how he became a disciple of Cui Shoushan after suffering defeat.


Taste the Air

Ping Qi the art of balancing the air with the mind.

If you use this gung you can absorb the True Qi of sky and earth as well as the essence of sun and moon.

I discuss Qi through the eyes of Praying Mantis Boxing and my experience with Master Zhou Zhendong in Shandong 2011. We explore the first step of becoming a Luohan.

With no interruption of training days become months.

This is how the ancients became Luohan.



The Heavenly Taoist's Praying Mantis Strikes

Examining the first appearance of the Praying Mantis striking method and its importance as a maneuver of fighting in Luohan Short Strikes.


Why All Kids MUST learn Martial Arts

Learning Martial Arts is so much more than just self defense. It is not just the discipline and principles that they will use for the rest of their lives. It is that they are learning not to freeze in fear when someone gets aggressive with them. This is a lesson that can save their lives, just ask 9 year old Calysta.



My First Taiji Tournament

At the end of December 2011 Tampa Kung Fu participated in a local kung fu tournament. Gwendolyn Burk shares her insights and inspiration competing in a kung fu for the very first time.



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